We are a family located in southern Southern California (so so Cal). I coined the term so so Cal because I think it may be overrated sometimes. Living here in so so Cal of course is not all paradise. There are some not so nice areas just like anywhere… but overall you can find mountains, lakes, desert, beach, forest all within 100 miles from Disneyland.  We miss having lots of rainfall here but at the same time we don’t have to worry too much about mold or keeping things dehumidified.

My grandson goes to a good public school because a public school is as good as private school as long as daily guidance is given to a growing child. The only difference is you save thousands of dollars every year by going public.

I have a wife and two kids and we all live in so so Cal, although in separate residences. Do we own or rent? Isn’t that the classic question for southern California?  Well, I got out the real estate frenzy too early so the blessing was I profited from my home. My regret was if I held on for another year that could have been tens of thousands more of extra income. But that is life, and this may become another Lesson in this blog.

I, Edward, grew up with five siblings in a remote area in one of the Pacific Islands. My childhood environment can be described as: two room house (sounds grand except it is only the dining room and living room I am describing – there are no bedrooms and the kitchen is located outside the house) no running water, no electricity, no TV and no TV stations, remote neighbors, fishing village, nice neighbors. The neighborhood improved tremendously through the years  thanks to my father selling a right of way to a shipping tycoon so they can build a drydock by the beach.

Moving to the U.S. realized two of my dreams: joining the Navy and living in the U.S. My first impression after arriving at LAX and going out the airport glass doors”wow, it is so cold here that it is like living inside a humongous refrigerator”.

20 years later I retired from the service. It was a challenging job yet after I retired I remember mostly the fun part of being in the service (I will describe some of that experience here). So if you are in the navy, hang in there. Do your best in everything. Before you know it, you are retired also.

I have a new granddaughter named Addie born last year. She brought so much joy to our family. Truly another blessing from God!

I hope you enjoy reading this… and hope to see you soon.


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