How are you? I started this post to provide a ready reference for my grandson James. He is still very young, seven almost now. In my eyes, he is a little bit advanced than most seven-year olds.


-Built a box of Lego toys almost every week (with instruction booklet) for about two years which enabled Lego to remain profitable….

-Runs 3 miles with very little rest, making me vow to once again to start working out to go back to my fitness level 20 years ago.

-Loving, disciplined, compassionate and considerate, thereby forcing me to be in my best behavior so he doesn’t pick up bad habits. That’s really hard (even for a retired sailor), isn’t it?

-Spends a lot of time in Barnes & Noble bookstore, making him a BFF at heart because I love spending a lot of time at B&N, even after they removed 80% of the benches and chairs.

-Likes Denny’s, IHOP, and Red Robin, which gives me an excuse to once again temporarily suspend my diet so I can build up my relationship with him.

-I got more but you might get bored reading this, so…

He’s really special and mature for his age. I would like to pat myself in the back primarily and my wife and his parents secondarily, but then I realized that it is not us that made the right choices, built his own character and toughness. We are the inspiring (or pressuring) factors, but most of the credit belongs to him.

Now, if you have a grandson like that, wouldn’t you want him to be consistently improving for the rest of his life? Your appropriate response would be “of course”. And that is why, my dear reader you like this reading this blog. I am also writing for like-minded folks like you.

Thank you for reading on. I can tell you that I plan to do this and that with the blog, but in reality it will be constantly changing until I get a little bit settled. Then I’ll do a redesign of the format, and work on getting better content.

May I invite you to come back again soon?



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