Don’t you wish there is a manual on how to live this life? A place to get some answers to life’s questions, dilemmas, mysteries and unknowns?

Do you feel frustrated that people in your immediate circle are continuing to make unsound decisions because they don’t have enough information? or still make bad decisions even though they have the right information?

I built this blog in an effort to provide a ready reference for my grandson James. It is my hope that with more knowledge and advice available to him, in addition to what was given by his parents and teachers, he would have a life full of love,productivity and fulfillment.

I am a retired navy sailor, who was a pencil-pusher but had quite a lot of sub-jobs while in the service (traffic court judge, financial and career counselor – just to name a few). Over the decades, I have had lots of experiences, mistakes and accomplishments which will be very handy in writing this blog.

My hope is to have you gain something from this site. My goal is to enhance not only my grandson’s life but also yours. ┬áPlease comment or suggest so we can enjoy the journey together.

May you have fair winds and following seas!