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Five, Five And Five

I’m writing this post on the Fifth day of the Fifth Month (Cinco de Mayo), and I just remembered that this blog is now Five Years old as of five days ago. Wow, I can’t believe how time flies but I tell you – when you’re busy months seem like days and before you know it, it’s almost Summer!

I have much to report but I’ll make it brief and count only the important ones. As you already know, I had a new granddaughter born 8+ months ago. She is a joy to our family. Our grandson was and still is one of the best grandson (or son) anyone could wish to have. Now I have a granddaughter too, named Addie. As stated in Proverbs 17: “Children’s children are the crown of old men” and I couldn’t describe it any better.

On Relationships:

Addie’s impact to my life (and my wife) has been indescribable. Since her birth I haven’t rode any of my bicycles, let alone sell one of them. My wife and I had been so busy assisting my daughter who gave birth early. They live quite a distance so it’s a relatively long drive. It’s way worth it because if you met her, she’s beyond adorable. She’s so amazing to me even though she can’t even talk yet.

On Health & Fitness:

I read somewhere that in the future we will take a workout pill instead of exercising. Isn’t that making all of us lazier than ever? I think the best exercise is done outdoors, but going to a gym is not a bad substitute. But a pill? I know we love shortcuts but some shortcuts lead to a more winding road. Did I mention I joined a gym about seven months ago?

On Readership

I seldom check the readership on the blog anymore but I think on the average there are 100 visitors every month. I had several hundreds before only to realize that most of them were bots sent from rogue countries sent to maybe infect the site with virus. Lesson learned: Always protect your online accounts, change your passwords regularly, add a few layers of anti-spam, anti-virus, anti- whatever.

On Future Plans

What’s next for this Blog? I have two grandkids now so I intend to transfer the contents of this blog to an e-book within two years. Sell it on Amazon or any other e-book seller websites. I just want to make sure that the contents are available to my grandkids (and yours) in the future.

If you have young children or grandchildren and you like what I wrote, You will still have access to these but there will be a small price depending on how much it cost to do e-book conversion. But first I have to write a total of 300 posts and I’m at 219 right now.

I really appreciate you reading this blog.



Progress Report Year II

Time flies when you’re having fun! Writing this blog is FUN!, and I hope you are having fun reading, learning a bit and getting entertained. Although this is primarily for James (who assures me that he reads it now and then Laughing ) I enjoy being able to disseminate my life lessons and experiences for your reading pleasure.

It is very gratifying to know that last month there were 694 of you reading this (17,605 hits). Without you, only my closest family members would read this if I promise them a free dinner. But since you are here, I would like to thank you for spending a few minutes of your time in this site.

Last year, I averaged 229 visitors and 5,433 hits during the month of April. Because of your readership, it tripled the numbers this year. I really, really appreciate it!

Last month, I wrote 8 posts which was a record. That was because I rearranged my priorities and cut off some fat (but physically I gained 3 pounds! Yikes). I noticed that the more posts I write, the more people come to the site and read. So I will try to write 10 post for this month (and lose 9 lbs).

Since last year, I might have shot about 2,500 photos with my DSLR camera. I may have improved a bit, but I think I would need another 10,000 shots before I can feel like an expert (not a pro). I will write about my photographic endeavors in a future post months from now.

My original goal was around 200 posts before I semi retire, with this blog still around for another few years as a ready reference for my grandson and for you. However, with the fun I am having and this is my 105th post, I might go beyond 300 and then slow down. The object is to have quality instead of quantity. However, with the fun I am having…

On the minimalist front, we are concentrating on avoiding a lot of expenses. In fact, for this year – one of my goals was “Do not buy another car”.

We have greatly reduced the “eating out” expense. Now we are down to one big family meal on the weekends, and maybe two during the rest of the week. Before that, it’s a lot more than that. Five? check!  Maybe even 8 times a week? check that too!

We’ve discovered Trader Joe’s (I am not getting paid to say this) and our grocery bill average around $50 per week now. My wife can outcook most restaurants now so what’s the point of eating out?

The objective in all of these money saving is to be able to have a future that will not be scary. See, the older I get, the more I realize that taxes gets higher, everything gets too expensive, salary remains stagnant and 99% of employers exist for profit only. My wife and I need savings to avoid having a penniless future.

I’ve fallen in love with painting with Acrylic, with the intent of specializing in impressionistic painting. I will show one of my paintings in a future blog so keep coming back!

Thank you so much, my dear readers! Embarassed




New Ways To Welcome The New Year

Every year, around this time, there is a mad rush to creating “new year’s resolution” which is only slightly behind the mad rush to go back to the shopping centers to return unwanted holiday gifts.

But isn’t new year’s resolution is kinda getting too ordinary?                                                      What about if we approach the new year with trailblazing enthusiasm?                                   And how do I propose to do that?

Here’s some of them:

  1. Diet – instead of going on another fad diet or taking the latest “weight loss pill” which could be good for a few months, how about a lifestyle change for the remaining years of our lives. Cutting back of meat, dairy, junk food and soda (which are the usual suspects for cancer and heart diseases) or eliminating it entirely is a start not only in better health but savings in grocery bills.
  2. Fitness – instead of buying a new expensive exercise equipment, join a gym first and commit to a few months of exercise program. After a few weeks of commitment, go buy that expensive equipment.
  3. Overall Health – how about combining the latest lifestyle stated in #1 with #2 and adding more rest, more stress fighting techniques (slow breathing in and out, quiet room, meditation), and an attitude change (less hurried lifestyle and less speed on the highway).
  4. Financial – finding ways to save more money, eliminating wasteful spending (do you really need that 20th pair of shoes?), and most importantly – finding a new source of passive income (this can be an entirely new blog post).
  5. Spiritual – this is the most significant. I’ll make it short. Let us all pray for a closer  relationship between us and our Creator. This one will make our lives more meaningful. Notice I didn’t say more comfortable, convenient or prosperous. It’s probably one of the best actions we can take – and believe me – it’s worth a lot more than just health, fitness or income (even though those things are nice too).

Have a Wonderful New Year!


My Blogroll and References

Perhaps you are wondering how this humble website is able to produce such amazing articles? Ok I’m just kidding! This is just an introduction to a future post about “humility”.

But seriously, what do I read and who do I talk to get over 70 topics posted? After all this is a one man operation, right? But now, truth be told – indirectly, this isn’t actually a one man operation. It’s rather a conglomeration of ideas gleaned from so many sources:

The People:

Wife and Daughter are big contributors – they give me topics and then I get all cross-eyed with intense effort while I struggle to put words together.

Sisters in law – two of them are major supporters which I of course find to be a confidence builder. Hint: They are not here in the U.S. of A.

Friend of my Daughter – His posting at Facebook more than doubled my readership. You’ll find his site down below. If you buy something from his site, I have to disclose that I am not getting paid a commission at all.

People I’d rather not be around with – These are the people who are in my book – obnoxious or “entitled”. I observed what not to emulate, and promptly publish about them in the Character category of this post.

The Websites:

Apart from the obvious searching in Google or Yahoo or Wikipedia, these are some of the websites that I peruse regularly. I used to read a lot more, but some of them turned into a commercial filled website which turned me off, so here’s the ones that I still pay attention to:  – his posts about frugality are legendary. – his posts about frugality with a little luxury are essential. – I know this guy since his high school days. He’s probably the highest earning web guy from several websites he owns. – I own several shirts from this site. Since I preach simplicity,  I strongly support his clothing line. – This site highly influences most of my posts here about character, money, relationships and health. You can spend months on this site and you’ll never run out of things to read or video to watch or podcasts to listen to. The also have an app for iPhones and Android phones.

Lastly – but most importantly – the Holy Bible. This book contains all the necessary guidance for a good life. Did you know that the US Navy commissioned research on what fish are edible to eat? This happened during World War II because many  war ships sunk and their Sailors are out floating at sea for days waiting for rescue. The survivors needed to know which sea creatures they can eat. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (in 1940s currency), they found out that fish with scales are the ones that are best to eat. They could have saved that money by reading the Bible. Here’s a tip: Pray first and ask for divine guidance before you read it because it is designed to confuse you if you are not genuinely seeking the truth.

So my secret is out. Have fun going to those websites. But please don’t forget to keep coming back here.Smile