A month ago, this website was deactivated by bluehost.com due to phishing. I don’t know much what phishing is but apparently someone was able to get in the website and used it to launch malicious stuff in the web. The love of money (being the root of all evil), was the cause. People who don’t want to work commit crimes for easy money. Movies make it seem like this is cool to do, but in reality it is called stealing.

I was downhearted for a while, then a few days later I contacted my web host (bluehost.com). They referred me to a third-party malware scanner and cleaner and told me to have them scan the website and then let them know so I can reactivate it. I did just that and it cost a bundle for the cleanup and now for protection, for the next few months.

I am thankful to God that I was able to do something about it. I’d hate to lose the contents because I believe it will help my grandchildren in their character building and future endeavors. I got the website back so now I will have time to move the contents to Word or a pdf file so I can make an e-book out of it.

I thank sitelock.com also for fixing the problem. Normally I don’t endorse any commercial entities in this site but I think this should be a good exception.

For the next few months I will be downloading and converting the contents to a pdf file. When I get done, I will close this website. For all of you who spent your precious time and reading my posts, many many thanks! I enjoy writing it because it may have helped some of you in one way or the other.

I plan to post as much as possible for the next few months. Hopefully, five posts a month. Then just before you know it, it’s time to say farewell. I’ll let you know what website my contents will be posted before I close this account.

Many thanks to you, dear readers. And May you have your best year in 2018, and 2019 and so on.

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