Today is probably one of the most important holidays in good ol’ U.S.A. A day of Thanksgiving for many blessings: good health, prosperity (a subjective term), divine protection – among the thousands of blessings I’ve enjoyed this year.

My grandchildren are both in good health. My kids and their spouses too. My wife and I are in relatively good health – and we feel we are more physically fit than last year. My wife and I are still employed even though we have been expecting to be laid off for a few years now, because our office is transitioning to employing the younger generation.

I’ve gone closer in my relationship with the God of Heaven, thanks to a two day stay in the hospital. In the end, it was not something that was really alarming, but every time I go to a hospital, I often wonder if it’s my last days or is God guiding me and my medical providers to make changes to my medication and/or diet.

My wife and I live a boring life. We stay home when we are not working, do a little chore in the house, tend to garden plants once a week, read, babysit, watch movies on TV, eat out (less often now). I’m content with a boring life and then a few days ago – I read that boring lifestyles is what make a marriage last. Oh, so that’s why we’ve been married for over three decades now. Just kidding. God guided us throughout our marriage in ways hard to explain. My wife is a good wife, phenomenal even so that helps.

I’ve faced some life challenges: family separation during navy deployments is one of the most stressful. Military life is stressful but the structure makes it easy to handle. Money was scarce and not until we went on a closer relationship with God that we figured out how to be wise financially.

Ever since I was a young child, I felt thankful for every little material thing I get – my first bell bottomed pants for example. For every little victory – finding a ride after walking four kilometers in flooded streets when I was a teenager. I always thanked God and always asked for help. When I got busier I made my prayers shorter and infrequent but I now try to pray and be thankful more.

Today is Thanksgiving Day, Lord – but You know I’m thankful to you for every second of my life!

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