Have you seen one of those movies where a few members of a royal family travels to a far place and they carry about 20 hard case luggage each? Yes, those were the times when a lot of fabric was used to create a single dress for the ladies and for the gentlemen, the usual attire are thick coats and jackets. At least they have servants to carry all those luggages upon arrival at the next castle.

Fast forward a few hundred years. Now we have fabrics that dry fast, very light, ultra durable and comfy all at the same time. What’s that got to do with baggage? you ask.

Let me share a short anecdote.

My wife and I experimented on some of our out of town trips in the last few years(only trips of over 400 miles counted) to fit the least amount of clothes, shoes and toiletries in the smallest possible luggage. Our justification for the experiment was to make our travel way easier. Here’s some good points on why we chose to have as little baggage as possible:


  •     Ease of carrying a light and small container
  •     Faster moving through airport security
  •     Easily fit in any car (rental or taxi)
  •     Uncomplicated choice of what to wear next
  •     Pay less for checked baggage

We were able to do it because we already have a few clothes that are made with modern fabric that are light and dry easily. We carried only a few and we washed them in the hotel shower and they dry within a few hours (depending on the humidity of the location). We carried the smallest sized toiletries and brought only one pair of shoes.

I highly recommend it to others because life gets easier when you don’t have to worry about too many things while on a journey. There are even travelers that live off from one medium size backpack for months in a foreign country. Sometimes, I wanted to do that kind of traveling – visit foreign places, stay in relatively inexpensive hotels and live off a backpack. But then, I wake up from my reverie, and I go, Naaaah, I’m too old for that.

In life, the less luggage we carry, the easier our lives become. Around my neighborhood, there are garages that are full of stuff, while their cars sit on the driveway. Boxes upon boxes of stuff sit inside the garage. The only one justified in doing that is the family with six kids.  I’ve seen people rent storage lockers for hundreds of dollars a month to keep more stuff. I mean, are they really going to use that stuff someday? Very unlikely.

In our life journey, when we eliminate excess emotional, mental and physical baggage, our lives become suddenly smoother, and happier. ASK yourself the following question, and since it’s only you that would know the answer, it pays to be completely honest.

What are:

  • the things you do that waste your time?
  • the things you buy or keep that waste your money?
  • the unnecessary activities that waste your time?
  • the tasks that waste your efforts?
  • the things you do that makes you unhealthy?

Once you have a list, work on eliminating a few. Just a couple will already make a significant dent in your life’s excess baggage. Eliminating more means more happiness and satisfaction. Pray to God for help (it’s really almost impossible to do it on our own).

Oftentimes, the burdens we carry are self-imposed and unnecessary. Let’s take back our lives. Live with less baggage.


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