Sometimes my wife and I think of projects to do. One of them involves a plan to buy an empty lot a little further out from the city where we will build a very plain looking home, with the inside under built so we can finish it ourselves. Then we’ll till the land and do our own small scale organic farming. We also plan to raise some chickens and maybe sheep. My wife prefer sheep but I prefer goats because they are hardy and can eat weeds. We’ll have guard dogs to protect us and our farm animals.

Ideally, the house will sit on the higher elevation of the land, with a small stream at the bottom of the grassy meadow. We will probably dig a well so we can have our own water supply and attach solar panels so we can have electricity without depending on the grid.

The best part of living this dream is planting and harvesting our own vegetables and herbs and cooking our own produce. It’s almost a self sufficient lifestyle. We studied sewing so we might even end up doing our own drapery or patio covers or anything that a sewn fabric is needed. We will add colorful LED lights to trees and in fences so the place would have a festive atmosphere all year long.

Oh, it’s great to dream. All we need now is funding and lots of time.

Here’s the funny part. I grew up in a rural area just like I describe above. The house is a lot smaller than what we plan to have but it also sits at the higher elevation of several levels of terrace protecting us from any flooding from a stream below.

Yes, there were chickens roaming freely, except at night when they go to a wire enclosure to protect them from predators. We had dogs and geese giving instant alarm when any stranger is within a dozen yards of the fence. We didn’t raise any goat or sheep but we had hogs. Hogs are not fun at all. The aroma of the pigpen is not something I wish on anyone.

We had our own well which supplied water for us and for some of our neighbors. Years later, my father added a concrete water tank complete with an electric pump to pump water from the now enclosed well and deliver it to the house via gravity.

We had some plants:  citrus plants, coffee tree, corn at times, sweet potatoes, peanuts, several leafy veggies and squash galore. We had avocado, banana (not a tree) and papaya trees that oversupply us with fruits. We enjoyed eating our own harvest of fruits and vegetables.

We were off the power grid for at least several years Our area was still kilometers away from town center that it cost tons of money to have electrical connection. Television? I didn’t watch TV until I was in high school. I was glad because I was able to focus on my studies and reading dozens of books.

We finally had electricity in our village after about seven years. It was fun having it because now we could really light the inside of our home and the front and side yards at night. It looked festive at times even when it’s not the holidays.

So my life had come full circle – from living in a rather primitive lifestyle to moving to the city to work and take college classes. Then joining the Navy, living on a ship and shore installations.

I lived in a city environment almost all my navy career. It’s not too crowded back then but it’s still a city. Now I want to go back to a simple life – being in the country, enjoying what nature has to offer.

Oh, it’s great to dream. All we need now is funding and lotsa time.


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