Everyone knows what “preparar” means, right? If you don’t, then you’re not prepared. 

You know what I love about this past decade and a half? We have search engines on the web. I sit at home comfortably using my laptop to learn almost anything. Speaking of search engine, I use duckduckgo.com and startpage.com. It does not track your internet habits so you don’t suddenly get a pop up ad asking you to buy a BMW while you’re researching a mountain bike on the web.

Well, when I was young many, many moons ago – when Star Wars was still far, far away – I read an article about the 7 laws of success.  One of them is preparation. It really make sense because in our everyday lives – we always have to prepare for something minor such as going to work or a major thing like traveling to another state or country.

Let’s look at air travel as a good example for preparation. At a minimum, we have to purchase our air ticket, book a hotel and arrange for transportation. But we can go deeper in our preparation process. Some traveler do extensive research:  find the cheapest but practical air tickets, the cheapest but not grungy hotels, and find the most inexpensive transportation to the airport and at the destination.

Now for the nitpicky among us (or should I say, very detailed?), they check the weather on the destination and the route to the airport. Then the traffic in both departure and destination so they can plan accordingly (do I bring an umbrella? should I wear shorts?). They also have enough charge on their cell phones, a charger, and one of those gadgets that can charge a phone by itself. They estimate the time to get to the airport using the traffic and weather data and add 15 to 30 minutes, just in case.

Their luggages comes in two separate bags, both with complete change of clothes, shoes, etc. just in case the airline losses their luggage. To be sure, they check in only one bag so they have their other bag within eyesight. Inside the luggage are a pen, pad of paper, pencils, small knife, a multitool, masking tape, duct tape, a length of rope, rubber bands and a few butterfly clips (to close hotel drapes tightly). Did I mention they have energy bars, cookies, snack packs just in case the flight is delayed?

Of course, the last paragraph is kinda extreme, and I think very few people engage in that kind of detail (ahem, please don’t give me that look!). But in the preparation business, It’s good to be a bit more prepared than less (in my humble opinion). You can’t prepare for everything, of course, but it sure makes for a smooth journey. There’s nothing more awkward than being unprepared.