This title is misleading on purpose because I personally don’t think there’s going to be another person as physically strong as Samson ever again. But there are many people as strong as Samson when it comes to their faith in God so if our topic is about spiritual relationships, then yes, millions of men and women are as strong as Samson.

A quick introduction:  Samson’s mother was visited by a “Messenger” from God stating that she will have a son and he will be raised as a Nazarite (which explains why he has long hair) and he will be tasked to deliver Israel from the oppressive Philistines.

Let me illustrate some of Samson’s actions that make any superhero movie appear lame:

A young lion attacked him in the vineyards of Timnah. He tore the lion in pieces (barehanded) as if its just a pesky insect.

He was always infatuated by women from the enemy’s camp, and he married one. One time during a dispute with the enemy he “struck down” thirty men.

At one point, he allowed himself to be tied up with thick ropes, but he just loosened it from his hands, and using a jawbone of an ass he “slew a thousand men”.

In Gaza, they tried to trap him inside the city walls by locking the gate. After midnight, he took the doors of the heavy gate with the two posts and the bar, put them on his shoulders and took it to the top of a hill in Hebron (about 37 miles away).

Even in death, he managed to kill 3,000 of his enemies using his hands to push two pillars apart bringing down the roof where his enemies where standing to watch him “entertain” them.

I don’t about you but I think we will never see anyone as strong as Samson again. He had some weaknesses that put him in serious trouble even with his supernatural strength. It’s no secret that his strength is God given as explained in the Book of Judges (Chapter 13 onwards).

Samson’s other strength is his faith in God. In the end, he realized he needed God  to defeat his enemy so he prayed that he die with them. He got another chance at reconciliation. He made mistakes maybe because he depended on his incredible strength but in the end, it was his faith that brought back his strength.

The lesson here is that no matter how much abilities we have, we still need a close relationship with God to be able to use those abilities for good. To have a close relationship, we need to call on Him – through prayers and study him through his Word (the Bible).

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