Month: October 2016

The Hardest Goals

Some people have very lofty goals (climb mount Everest or be the first to go to Mars. Others have really daring ones (riding fences on a bicycles or paddle solo across the Pacific ocean). Then there’s the ultimates: climb 10 of highest mountain ranges in the world do 50 marathons in 50 days. You may read about those feats later in (a search engine).

I personally don’t want to go the Mt Everest (I hate being cold) or go on even a single marathon (not really good for the heart as others think), or paddle across an ocean solo (despite being an introvert, I like to hang out with the right people).

I’ve had some good goals in the past that I’ve achieved, such as quitting smoking and riding 100 kilometers in the bicycle in one ride, among others. I’ve been complacent recently hoping to ride out the rest of my life just cruising along. But then one day I realized that it is the first day of the rest of my life, and I need to put some more victories along the way. I wrote some goals that are, in essence hard enough for me.

They’re simple at first glance, but like I said always – ‘do not compare yourself to anyone’ (nobody has heard me say it – just me). If we keep comparing ourselves to others, we’ll all lose hope (or feel very superior) – but our challenges are walk in the park for others and our cakewalks are insurmountable hardships to other individuals. So I’ll keep to my goals:

* Wake up EARLY (5:00 am) every morning again!

* Improve my diet with veggies, fruits, fish and fowl.  Translation: Red meat’s out!

* Exercise regularly (three times a week).

This of course coincided with my recent visit to my cardiologist. I was told to fix my diet and exercise regularly. Except for the wake up early goal which I’ve been planning to do for years.

Was my diet bad? I mean the food I like to eat are the tastiest, so we all know it’s not healthy if eaten everyday. After all, who craves for broccoli?

Did I accomplish it?  Since my wife and I can’t find time to work out in our busy work life and suddenly overwhelming personal lives, we decided to join a gym. It was rather inexpensive – $10 a month for each of us.

In the morning we wake up at 5:30am to go hit the treadmill or the spinning stationary bike.

So far we averaged just over 3 days a week of 20+ minutes of exercise. Then I really watched my food. Now the really delectable food are eaten only a couple of times a week instead of maybe 15 times a week.

These are hard goals – especially because it has to be done consistently, and we had done it so far!


The Mirror

The other day I was watching a movie that features a mirror on the wall that talks back to one of the characters.  I think you all know what that movie is about and as you know, my unwritten rule is, don’t name names. It got me thinking about a different type of mirror (the mirror in the movie turned out to be evil).

In the morning after our showers, we face the mirror in our homes. This is to make sure that we present our very best appearance at our work places, meetings, playing field, gym, breakfast places – just to name a few. We want to be appealing to the public so we present an excellent public image.

I wish we would do the same degree of preparation of our physical appearance to our moral compass. Character is more important than our public image. Character is doing the right thing even when no one is present.

I usually read the comments section in the major news websites. There are some news items that bring about the worst in people. For every 2-3 people that write a clearly stated, logical comment, there’s dozens of comments with the intention to hurt someone else’s feelings – so the commenter can feel good about themselves. Imagine a world without the correct mirror (standard)- most people would want to rule the world according to their own rules. I wouldn’t want to live in that kind of world.

I grew up with plenty of reprimands and I’m sure you guys have the same experience. I was a youth who tried to deviate and do bad things and had to be corrected to learn accountability. I now appreciate the discipline given to me while I was young, because it got me ready for the military and the life after the military.

While in the navy I seldom got reprimanded. It’s not because I was great but because we were all told in detail in advance what was expected of us. The rules and regulations were the mirror (or the standard). As long as we did what we’re expected to do – life is smooth. I knew that if I challenge the rules (for example: late for five minutes), the consequence is immediate.

Our life mirror should be a good point of reference. It should be rock steady, so it doesn’t change with the trends and traditions of society. It should not be affected by the majority rule (imagine if you’re in a life boat with four cannibals and they’re voting whether they should eat you – majority rules, right?). It should be flexible enough to account for common sense approach to life (should I help someone who needs help now even though I’m late for church?). But it shouldn’t be bendable to adapt it to our own personal agendas.

What’s that mirror? I would leave this unanswered. I would to request your participation on this post. If you really look for it, you’ll find it too. That would be your best research ever.