A few weeks ago it was really hot – as in a heatwave. Temperatures were 120 degrees Fahrenheit in some places. I experienced 108 degrees for the first time. My previous record was 105. To those who live in the desert this is nothing new. I’m a newcomer to desert living – and to me this is something unpleasant.

After sunset, I noticed the temperature went down to 99. It actually felt pleasant even though on any regular summer day, I would consider 99 to be oppressive. So it’s all relative I guess. The harder the experience, the easier life feels later even if there’s still hardships. Does that mean we should train or work harder so things get easier?  I can’t really answer that for you but here’s another life experience:

After our move to a new residence, my work commute was somewhere between 42 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes. My previous commute took only 27 minutes. My best commute time in the last few years was 12 minutes from 2009 through end of 2014. My shortest ever was about five minutes but that was in the early 90’s.

But then, the worst was yet to come.

My wife and I picked up my grandson James from a location close to the coast. The drive to it took about an hour but the return trip took us around two and a half hours (including a quick stop for early dinner) due to traffic accidents. I was dizzy after driving that long even though it was only about 100 miles total.

The next day, we had a big fire next to the freeway we were about to drive through. Traffic slowed to a crawl. I mumbled that a crawling baby would probably get to the freeway exit before we can get there. It took us 1.5 hours to travel a little over 3 miles. But armed with the 3.5 horrendous drive the day before, I thought this time it will be a cakewalk. However, we had to turn around because the police temporarily closed the freeway.

So now I have two horrible drives under my belt. After that, everything seems easier. I drive more relaxed now and don’t even try to hurry up. I accelerate gently and not push the pace. I notice that maybe 90% of the people around me were doing the same thing. Every time traffic slows down to a crawl, I just have a quick flashback to the previous 3.5 hour of driving and it calms me down. I figured that long horrendous drive will be tough to beat.

I conclude that all my future drives to work will seem easier. It has been that way for several weeks now.