I fondly recall my college memories. I was working during the day and going to classes at night. I had a few lady friends that were quite good looking. I didn’t have the heart to ask them for dates because my income is just enough for my tuition and other school expenses. At times, I felt I was missing out because I see a few classmates asking others out.

Same time and setting: I try to avoid my friend’s invitations to attend concerts due to the stated lack of financial resources. I thought I was missing out quite a few events but I just kinda resigned myself to the fact that it’s not affordable.

There were times when I was tempted to attend a sporting event just to put a check mark in my life achievements stating that I have a attended a football game, a baseball game and a basketball game. But then I never had the inclination to go. What stopped me? The cost of attending is expensive and I thought it’s just a waste of money. Did I miss out?

I have been in love with bicycles. In fact, right after a bicycle was my first form of transportation from home to the navy base where I worked, even during winter time.  With my financial standing improving in the 90’s – I vowed I will buy a very nice bicycle. Yet I never really pulled the trigger – I always picked the middle of the road models for value.

There were still a few things that I’ve wanted to have or experienced and sometimes I always thought that I was missing out on many things.

When I got older, I realized I didn’t really miss out much. Up to this day, I haven’t watched a concert or any sports event and I tell you – I never really want to now.  I’d rather ride my bicycle that do those things. How about putting it in a bucket list? I don’t think they’re significant enough to be added.

In sports, the team I would be watching will probably continue on a losing record year and and year out. If I wanted to hear music from a favorite artist, I can go to the internet and buy it for 99 cents.  In the selection of bicycles – the more I waited before I bought – the better bike I was able to buy because all the consumer-requested features have been added to it.

The ladies I didn’t date were my friends and we had good relationship. It didn’t really need to go into a more intimate mood especially because I had to put college and work as the priorities.

So these days, I still think about some of my regrettable decisions, but I can’t come up with even a few. I think by suppressing spending my hard earned money on short term wants – I was rewarded with better things – and even better relationships.  I had learned to pick which ones are really important and went from there.

After all, Life with the right priorities is very satisfying.