Month: April 2015

Why Weights?

One facet of physical fitness that I would like to discuss is weight lifting. I think most articles or blog posts focus on aerobics, running and cardio workouts.  Not much on weights.  First, let me be specific as to what type of weights we will cover. No, this is not the type of weight lifting where we build muscles so we can be the next Mr. or Ms. Universe. I’ll enumerate the benefits first and then give a few suggestions (with musical background suggestions)

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother – One of the benefits of weightlifting is that on an emergency, we can use our muscles to pull ourselves or someone out of trouble. I know adrenaline kicks in on emergencies, but if we have almost zero muscles, our bones and taut skin won’t be enough to get us out of danger.

Owner of a lonely heart – lifting weights give us a boost in energy and morale which is also felt right after a good walk, run or jog. If we indulge our muscles in pushing and pulling movement, we will not experience a sad heart or disposition.

Get your motor running, Head out on the highway – the motors inside our muscles (more like electrical signals) get practice while we lift heavy things, thereby making our body more responsive to stimuli and improve our metabolism, burning down fat, which makes us fitter.

I don’t wanna miss a thing – Weight lifting boosts our circulation, brings more oxygen to the brain, improving our memory. It also increases our awareness and enhances our immune system.

Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove – it can work our cardiac muscles to the max. It can give us the same intensified training like running sprints or riding a steep hill on a bicycle. First we go through extreme suffering, the muscles tear, get repaired by the body, and we end up stronger than before.

So does this mean we should all go out and buy a whole set of weights, or complicated gym equipment? If you have a free gym nearby, go use their equipment. If you can afford gym membership, go for it!

You don’t really need to buy many equipment to go through weight training.

I recommend a 10 lb dumbbell or kettlebell plus a set of 15 or 20 or 25 lbs. kettlebell (depending on your level of comfort) and use it for light weight exercise several times a week.

Even a plastic container filled with sand can work as a dumbbell if none is available. A heavy stone can be used also but I don’t recommend them because it may be unsafe to use. Even light furnitures may be used for workouts as long as they’re not too heavy for safety reasons.

What exercises should we do? Ah, that’s where you come in. Do some research – pick out the ones you need most. If possible, consult an exercise expert so you’ll have the right form and right exercise which will produce your desired results.

Happy safe lifting!


Thousands Of Blessings

Last night I was listening to a podcast about blessings. The gist of the message is that more people would be happy if they count what they already have instead of complaining about what they don’t have.

And so I reflected on my past when I thought that when I retire from the Navy I would be happier. I was really happy in the immediate months following it, and years after that. Maybe this is a bad example then.

After retirement, I delved into having my own business, looking for people willing to sell their real estate notes. A  R E Note is produced when the seller of a land or house finances the buyer themselves, earning them a nice interest rate every month. Every now and then, a note holder would need to sell their note for various reasons, and that’s where I come in.

It involved printing lots of direct mail advertising, several thousands a month. In the end, the income is not really that much – I would be better off working as a pizza delivery driver (which I did two decades ago). Maybe if I waited two or three years, business would pick up but I did not.

My point is having a business, I thought – would be the ideal situation. The best part is I control my own time. But I can’t wait for years for the income to pick up. I had to do another thing – which is find employment.

Then I started working in a small company, and the conflicting decision making and too many chiefs with few workers made me really appreciate what the Navy organization was all about: structured and orderly work environment with a clear chain of command.

Today I still reminisce about my navy life. It was fun but I still can’t stand the long family separation every other year or so.

How about thinking what if we have a certain stuff, will we be happy?

I fell in love with a pick-up truck in the early 90’s. I thought it was the answer to my needs because it just looked so pretty. Then months later, I found out that the truck bed is very seldom used and it only seats a maximum of three people instead of four or five in a regular car. So this “stuff” turned out to be a disappointment.

Most of the time we are dissatisfied with our lives because we yearn and count the things we don’t have instead of focusing on what we have. That gives us a feeling of discontent and unhappiness.

Thousands of blessings are in our lives monthly, weekly even daily. The air we breathe, the nice scenery, the birds chirping in the morning. We have two hands and two feet that work and a brain that can handle our daily activities and productivity. Our internal organs work properly even though we feed it with soda and fastfood 

We probably have a comfortable place to live (it does not matter if we own or rent it). Most of us eat good food daily – too much sometimes. We are in relatively good health most days of the year. We have too much entertainment (in my opinion).

Let’s look at what we have. Nice sunshine today? Thank God, we can enjoy free Vitamin D!  Raining hard? Thank God – you don’t experience drought like what we have in California.


Is It Three Years Already?

This blog was started three years ago. Time flies when we are having fun! I started this as a neophyte in blogging. Thirty six months later – I am still a neophyte in blogging.

For awhile also I thought my readership was up to 1,000 every month. Well, It’s nice to dream, right? Found out that most of my visitors were bots – most of them designed to wreck havoc in any site mostly from two foreign countries. It’s my policy not to name countries so I won’t mention them – I think you know who they are.

So my actual readership is below 100. It was disappointing, but it’s alright. If one person benefits from reading this other than my grandson, it would be fantastic for me – and for you – whoever you are.

So what has been happening? Nothing much (my usual reply when asked that question). Lately I haven’t been writing but not because of lack of ideas, but mainly because I get distracted.

My distraction comes mostly from my smartphone. See, it has a larger screen so games are much funner to play. I have to do something about that distraction. I have an idea:  I will limit myself to playing only a few games a day (or night :))

At least TV is now almost totally out during the weekdays and not much during the weekends. I almost cut cable and land line to save more money, but the cable company gave me discount so I’ll keep it – for a few more months. I don’t know about you but there’s almost nothing to watch on regular TV programming anymore.

My original plan is to write less after three years of this blog. But plans change.  I intend to write regularly – about 4-5 a month until next year. Then we’ll see what in store.

I’m really happy that you’re one of the readers that is still supporting this tiny blog. I hope to gain more readers in the coming months, but first – my priority is to write more quality posts for you to enjoy (and maybe learn from?)

Thank you for reading!