Month: February 2015

The Opposite Of What?

Now what kind of a title is that? The opposite of what? what opposite? of what?

Let me splain (explain). But first let me warn you about this post. I wanna make this post lighthearted so I purposely misspelled words to make it a little bit radical. If you are irritated by it, just think of the opposite of being irritated; and that is… joyful!

My goal is to teach that life is a series of tests. We all have the ability to take on those tests because we will not be given a test we cannot handle — that is guaranteed. To grow and prosper, you must face the test and overcome it.

So, if we desire to be patient – there’s only one way to do it. We have to be put in a position opposite of what we normally prefer. Annoying people and uncomfortable environment will teach us how to be patient. It will take time though…. if you try to hurry the process, you are doing the opposite and that is prolly (probably) not good.

The same with the objective of trying to be rich. We should do the opposite. Rich people seem to spend much and live lives bathed in luxury. But not all of people that has that lifestyle are rich. Some have very high income but live their lives in a hand to mouth existence. If they lose their job tomorrow, they will run out of funds within weeks.

So what’s the opposite? We should earn as much as we can and save as much as we can. Savings should be the #2 priority after #1 which is tithing. I could discuss more about tithing but it something that’s better researched and thought out intensively. By saving more, we slowly amass capital that can be used to invest. Our investments in turn will give us income. Instead of working for money, money is working for us.

If your goal is to be good at writing, what you do is go through a process of spending a lot of time learning it by reading. It is the opposite of writing, but it will help you get good at it.

If you want to be strong, you train by putting in an effort until you are too weak to continue. Weak is the opposite of strong – but without experiencing the temporary weakness, it would be impossible to have physical strength or endurance.

In sports, did you notice that if you play against a very good individual or team, you improve? If you play mediocre opponents, you will remain mediocre. So it’s better to seek the stronger opposition. It’s counter-intuitive but it’s the secret to a winning record.

So in our lives, challenges and obstacles will always be there. It doesn’t matter. Our determination should not crumble at the sight of these temporary setbacks. We move on knowing that sometime in the future we would reach our goal.

But we have to start with the opposite.


Early To Bed, Early To Rise

These last few months, I’ve been dispensing health tips left and right. I’ve always started with a caveat or warning to consult your doctors first before trying any new diet or fitness plan that I happen to have practiced. This time you don’t need to ask your doctor.

This is my latest health “experiment”.

I started going to work early — I mean 1.5 hours earlier than before. That’s because my place of employment was moved to a location five times farther than our previous one. I have to do it so I can avoid traffic, get an early start and get to leave earlier than before.

I had to change my sleeping habits to better accomodate the new work schedule. It makes it easier on my health – physical and mental – to adjust my sleep time. That means I go to bed early (as in 10 pm and wake up at 5:30 am).

I was no stranger to this kind of schedule in the twenty years I was in the navy. A typical day starts at 4:30 am where I kind of go through a hazy early dawn routine of making coffee, eating a light breakfast, taking a quick shower (a.k.a. as navy shower), an on my way to work even before dawn.

I remember those days driving in the early light of the day. The traffic is light and I get to experience the sun coming over the horizon while driving.  Arriving at work early knowing that the majority of people were just waking up gave me a sense of accomplishment. Then on for the hard day ahead, and finally – it’s quitting time! my favorite part of the day!

After retirement from naval service, I was introduced to a later wake up time. For years, it felt weird having to wake up with the sun already up but eventually I got used to it. In the back of my mind, I missed the good ol’ days but this new schedule felt just fine.

This time, circumstances forced me to do it. I was happy going back to the same schedule as before. I actually felt more energetic all day at work and more able to figure out complicated tasks. At the end of the day I still have some energy left.

I’ve read that many famous people – including authors of motivational books – have an early schedule too. They wake up early, study the Bible, or plan their tasks or their future using the early hours. For them, the early start was always a prelude to a highly productive day.

I feel that with this new schedule, I would have better productivity, better health and less fatigue. I’ll give you an update at the end of the year on how it’s going.

Sweet dreams!